About the game

Numerus is an original logic game for two players. Its rules are very simple, allowing for an endless variety of tactic and strategic options. The highly dynamic gameplay mechanics consists in placing numbers on the board, thus determining the position and the number of individual stones, subsequently forming fortifications (see the section Instructions) to which points are assigned.

Numerus is a very complex game which changes radically with each move. It is not only necessary to follow one’s own plans and strategy but also to block the opponent’s moves and to eliminate any potential threats. Although the game only consists of 12 moves (black – white exchange is considered a single move), starting with the second move, players have to deal with complex situations that open numerous alternative options. If you like to challenge your brain and train your logical thinking, or if you are a fan of chess, drafts, Go, etc., this game is perfect for you!

Numerus has been developed by Martin Illek, who came up with the first concept of the game in 2011. After a year of testing and analyses the rules of the game were finalized. In December 2011, Martin Illek entered Numerus in an annual competition for the best game design at CBG (Czech Board Games), which includes a series of meetings of authors, where the games are tested and evaluated. Numerus and several other games qualified for the final round and CBG publishers decided to release it as a board game.

At one of the meetings, the author met a very talented programmer and a post-graduate student at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, Matúš Kotry, who suggested a preparation of a Numerus application for Google Play and subsequently also for other application markets. Matúš Kotry took charge of this demanding task and in an extremely short time he developed the individual beta applications with the original graphic design and animations optimised for smartphones and tablets using Android. The result is this first final version of Numerus application available for download at the Google Play website. Other, extended versions will follow shortly.
We are also preparing a board version of the game with the design by Kateřina Kaschmir Kroupová.