Rules of the game

Numerus is a game for two players. One player has a set of black pieces, the other player has a set of white pieces. Each side plays with 12 pieces marked with one of the numerals from 1 to 6. Each player can place 1 piece on the board in each move.


Each numbered piece creates up to 8 round pieces that are placed around it. The distance of these pieces from the numbered piece depends on its value.


The number on the numbered piece also determines the potential of the pieces that it creates.

If a round piece is placed in a field where another round piece is situated, their potentials add up. If this is your opponent’s piece, their potentials are subtracted. This way you can delete pieces that are placed on the board or convert the opponent’s piece to your colour.

To display the potentials of round pieces in the browser version of the game, hold down spacebar. In android version, there is a button to show/hide potentials.


The goal of Numerus is to create rows of four round pieces placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. (Numbered pieces do not count as round pieces used to form the rows!) You will obtain 1 point for each row of four round pieces.


Pieces forming a row of four will subsequently become fortifications (indicated by the symbol of a tower). Fortified pieces cannot be taken by the opponent. Fortified pieces can still be used to create new rows of four in other directions.


If you manage to place 5 and more pieces in a row, you will be asked to choose only 4 of them that will form a fortification. If you manage to place 8 and more pieces in a row, 2 fortifications will be formed.


One of the possible game endings will be reached when both players place all of their pieces on the board. In this case, the player with more points in the fortifications wins.


The game can also end when one of the players manages to create 4 (or more) fortifications in a single move. The player who manages to do that wins immediately, regardless of the number of points.


The last thing you should know before you plunge into the game are 4 restrictions regarding the placement of numbered pieces:

A numbered piece cannot be placed in a field where there is another numbered piece (yours or your opponent’s).


A numbered piece cannot be placed in a field where a round piece of your opponent is situated, if its potential is greater than the value of the piece you want to place. If its potential is smaller or the same you can take the piece with your numbered piece!


A numbered piece cannot be placed in a field where a round piece of your colour is situated, regardless of its potential.


A numbered piece cannot be placed on a cell that is situated on an edge or corner of an adjacent cell on which an identical numbered piece is placed (in your colour and with the same number).